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Swale House Partners Inc. is an advisory services and training firm that exclusively serves public sector clients.  Our services are specifically designed to meet the requirements of government entities by advising, training, supporting and innovating in public administration, policy, risk management, and national natural resource management.  

We are a team of international risk, technical, and management experts with extensive experience in assisting government managers to improve outcomes during complex transitions, transactions, and operations.  We provide the highest levels of technical competence, work effectively in diverse teams on complex challenges, and a have a reputation for building capacity.

We maintain a high value proposition by using best-in-class subject matter experts, selected specifically to suit the client’s requirements.  Each project team has the capability to integrate information across disciplines and with the client's own specialists. We maintain internal and affiliate expertise in the following areas:

  • Risk Management

  • Business Continuity

  • Public Policy & Administration

  • Accounting & Audit

  • Fraud Prevention & Examination

  • Internal Control

  • Contract Management

  • Law

  • Geology & Geophysics

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Petroleum, Pipeline, & Mining Engineering

  • Critical National Infrastructure Resilience

  • Maritime Security

What We Do

Advise  |  Train  |  Support  |  Innovate

**SHP services are only for public sector entities and participants.  Interested parties not in the public sector are encouraged to contact Tensegrity Partners for training in similar areas, designed for a broader spectrum of participants.


Advisory Services

Navigating Disruption.

SHP offers advisory services designed to improve the quality of information for decision makers, reduce the time for decision cycles, improve outcomes, and facilitate effective coordination. 

SHP advisory services are designed to support effective and efficient government operations and the conversion of government resources into public value.

Each advisory service can be integrated with other advisory, training, and support services to ensure value for money with each service.

 Advisory services include:

  • Public Sector Risk Management

    • Risk assessment​s

    • Risk response planning

    • Risk workshop facilitation

    • Risk management assurance

  • Transaction Risk Management

  • National Natural Resource Change Management

  • Integrated Technical and Professional Services

  • Petroleum Cost Audit Enhancement

  • Business Continuity Management

    • Business impact assessment​s

    • Business continuity planning

    • Business continuity assurance

  • Simulations

  • Bespoke Advisory Services

Training Services

Building Resilient Capacity.

Public sector organizations are facing new and complex challenges while being asked to build sustainable and efficient systems. SHP supports both requirements through efficient and modular training services.

SHP offers a range of interactive training, tailored to the client's needs, delivered by best in class active practitioners.  Each training activity is designed to translate theory into practice, create immediate value, and build long-term capacity.

Training services are available at the client's location, SHP facilities in the USA, virtually, or at another location upon request.

Training themes include:

  • Public Sector Risk Management Foundations

  • Identifying, Analyzing, & Evaluating Risk

  • Building Control Frameworks that Work

  • Maintaining Compliance while Optimizing Efficiency

  • Auditing Petroleum Costs

  • Continuous Improvement in Contract Management

  • Business Continuity Management Foundations

  • Business Continuity Management in Practice

  • Creating Value through Enterprise Risk Thinking

Training methods include:

  • Seminars

  • Courses

  • Workshops

  • Coaching


Support Services

Supporting People, Systems, and Institutions.

Governments in transition often require flexible support.  Access to experts, short-term services, and periodic reviews serve to strengthen people, systems, and institutions and increase the likelihood of achieving objectives.

SHP offers tailored support services to meet the client's unique combination of requirements, resources, and constraints.  Our expert teams work with the client team to provide technical support, identify threats and opportunities, and provide independent assessments of progress.

Support services can be procured independently or in conjunction with advisory and training services.

Support services include:

  • Long-term coaching by experts for key staff 

    • Risk management​

    • Business continuity

    • Accounting and audit

    • Engineering

    • Security

    • Project management

  • Short-term access to experts for specific matters

  • Periodic reviews

    • Risk ​

    • Process/Control Design

    • Control Frameworks

    • Business Continuity Preparedness

    • Compliance

    • Security


Managing at the Pace of Change

Governments are navigating an increasing pace of global change with large, often slow-moving institutions.  Innovation is essential to meet the requirements and opportunities for the public sector.

SHP is constantly innovating through the advancing internal methodologies and services to provide more efficient and effective value to our clients.  SHP also facilitates innovation within client departments and participates in innovation activities in the risk management, public finance, and public administration professions.

SHP innovation activities include:

  • Advancing internal methodologies

  • Developing tools for interdisciplinary efficiency among:

    • Risk Management & Business Continuity

    • Accounting & Audit

    • Engineering

    • Law

    • Security

    • Politics

    • Public Policy & Administration

  • Engaging in strategic research

  • Facilitating client "Innovation Workshops" 

  • Participating in industry innovation activities



Providing risk management and strategic advisory services to governments on five continents.

Training boards of directors, civil servants, and parastatal management in risk management and business continuity.

Executing petroleum cost recovery audits and optimizing their value through risk management, control design, and training.

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