Providing bespoke advisory services to convert natural and financial resources into public value


At Swale House Partners, (SHP), we know that public administration of natural and financial resources during transitions is  dynamic and complex, offering both opportunity and significant risk. We combine our unique methodology with best in class subject matter experts to provide targeted technical and management assistance to address our client’s existing, emerging, and future requirements.



We specialize in natural resource and public finance transitions.

During these transitions, there is significant opportunity to turn resources into public value and significant risk of suffering loss of value and public confidence as well as suffering the impacts of the resource curse.

Our methodology uses a risk management platform, combining technical advisory services, specialized management tools, and capacity development to:

 Address immediate, emerging and future client requirements,

 Enhance management efficiency and effectiveness, and

 Catalyze capacity development of key personnel.


We partner with our clients to optimize the value of our combined knowledge and expertise.

With our approach, we have a proven track record of helping our clients identify and address critical issues and improving systems to ensure the sustainable identification, management, and communication of issues after our engagement ends.


The natural resource industry operates in an uncertain environment from commodity prices to political changes and everything in between.  We support our clients during the even greater uncertainty during natural resource transitions to effectively and efficiently achieve their objectives.

Specific natural resource risk management services include:

  • Natural resource risk assessments (project, production, contract, cost, value, etc.)

  • Natural resource risk workshops

  • Natural resource control framework assessments

  • Natural resource control design

  • Technical training (geophysics, engineering, operations, oversight)

  • Cost audit support

  • Petroleum and mining technical assistance for targeted requirements



Governments make changes to public financial management (PFM) policies and tools to improve accountability, transparency, and service delivery.  These transitions include uncertainty that can have a significant positive or negative impact on public value.  Our public finance risk management services can improve public finance outcomes and promote effective and efficient use of government resources.

Specific public finance risk management services include:

  • Public finance risk assessments (program, policy, service, fraud, etc.)

  • Public finance risk workshops

  • Public finance control framework assessments

  • Public finance control design

  • Public finance training

  • Internal and external audit support (optimizing the value of an audit)

  • Public finance technical assistance for targeted requirements



Public sector entities are increasingly responsible for executing risk management as a part of their governance functions.  We provide advisory services to support the establishment and maturity of our clients' ERM function.  We work within the parameters of the existing governance, risk and compliance (GRC) structure to promote effective and efficient risk management throughout the organization.  Our experience in public sector risk management allows us to address design and implementation challenges that are specific to government entities and our clients.


Specific ERM advisory services include:

  • Policy design and communication

  • Framework design and implementation

  • Risk reporting (structure and process)

  • Risk workshops (identification, assessment, treatment)

  • Simulations

  • Training



Through understanding our clients’ unique requirements, we provide bespoke capacity development programs. We use experienced specialists to deliver key technical information. We link the technical information directly to job responsibilities and immediate, emerging and future requirements.

Please contact us for further information on bespoke capacity development.


We are a team of risk, technical, and management specialists with extensive experience assisting government managers improve outcomes during natural resource and public finance transitions.

Our approach has been designed to use our extensive experience to address the unique challenges of each client. Our services account for challenges with government capacity, institutional and personnel change management, concurrent advisory projects, and requirements from multiple stakeholders.

We maintain a high value proposition by using best in class specialists, selected specifically for the client’s unique requirements. Our specialist input is provided, documented and linked to other risks and opportunities to promote efficiency and effectiveness in information sharing.

We maintain internal and affiliate expertise in the following areas to support our service offerings:












Affiliate Areas 1.png


Our Leadership and Affiliates have experience in over 70 countries, providing professional services to governments in Africa, North America, South America, East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia and Europe, including:

Contributing to national natural resource and public finance strategy 

Assisting countries in preparing for the next phase of natural resource development

Optimizing the value of audits through risk management and control design


Providing risk management advisory services related to technical, financial, environmental, political, social, security, and legal risk

Providing risk management advisory services related to establishing ERM structures within public sector governance risk and compliance requirements

Delivering training and integrated capacity development projects for government entities, including ministries, state owned enterprises and other government-controlled entities

Assisting clients in optimizing diverse technical assistance and capacity building projects

Developing internal and external reporting protocols to provide relevant, reliable, timely information to key decision makers

Assisting clients implement governance mechanisms that increase effectiveness, accountability in natural resource and public financial management



Natural Resource Transitions are defined by an accelerated change of governance mechanisms related to natural resource exploration, discovery, or reform.


Our clients are government entities in countries that are going through natural resource or public finance transitions. They typically have a small number of highly committed and qualified staff that have enormous demands on their time. Institutions and staff are often in a period of significant change. Objectives for the new institutions may be undefined or not commonly understood. Multiple technical assistance projects are likely being executed at the same time, with many projects behind schedule. The development of the resource by the operator and the demands on public finance systems are often progressing faster than institutional capacity. In all cases, our clients are managing demands from a myriad of stakeholders at a quickening pace.


These are the clients we enjoy working with. Our methodology assists in integrating the cross-cutting issues and provides government managers with tools more efficiently and effectively execute their responsibilities. Our teams are flexible and can meet the clients unique and changing needs at any given time. We help our clients streamline their activities, improve control and shorten response times to stakeholders.


Please reach out to us and we will provide you with more detail.


We prefer to initiate client engagement through a brief assessment at a minimal cost. There is a way to for us to help every client and the best way for us to exceed your expectations is to have a solid understanding of the current state of the opportunities and risks in your country. 


SHP is not a traditional risk management advisory services firm in that we focus equally on operational improvements through more informed operational decision making and improvements of the risk management function itself.  We know that these areas are mutually reinforcing by adding immediate value to operations through risk thinking and risk communication and by providing the risk management function with operational inputs and outputs, improving risk reporting and disclosure.


We focus on this very specific market of government clients managing natural resource  and public finance transitions, often at the same time. We provide independent services directly to the government. We support every assertion from our subject matter experts with how it supports the client’s objectives and how it may impact other activities. Our services are efficient, flexible, and targeted at helping managers maximize the value of the financial and personnel resources available to them.





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